EMS Regions
Region 1 (63)
Region 2 (76)
Region 3 (48)
Region 4 (67)
Region 5 (82)

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has a web-based, statewide data system called MATRIS (Massachusetts Ambulance Trip Record Information System). It gives Massachusetts agencies the flexibility to collect their own data and then upload to the state via XML or enter their runs via a web browser using an online run form.

The Commonwealth's goal in collecting EMS data through MATRIS is to use an evidence-based platform to promote and support the statewide EMS system and to enhance the timeliness of incident-level injury and disease surveillance. By collecting and assessing population-based EMS data, and linking it with other Commonwealth data sets, such as motor vehicle crash, death, hospital and trauma registry data, the MDPH will have much better information for ensuring quality EMS service delivery.

EMS data is a key foundation for targeting enhancements in EMS personnel training, care protocols, performance, system planning, coordination,regulations, and ultimately improving timely access to quality care for all patients throughout the Commonwealth.

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